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Behavior That Makes Women Happy

Men may think that women are complicated strange creatures, but in fact women are simply simple creatures.

Men may think that women are complicated aliens. Behaviors that Make Women Happy

In fact, many things that make you happy will definitely make a woman happy. The best thing a man can learn is how to make a woman happy and here are some leaks that men can do.

Give praise but different than usual

Don't just give compliments for the same things that girls always hear. Women may have often heard compliments about their beauty, but if these compliments are always given, it feels, really, like mere repetition. Praise women from time to time about their ambitions and passions. Those are the things that will make a woman feel happier about herself than the ridiculous gloating we hear all the time.

Show that you are really listening to women

Don't just act like you listen to a woman's words, but in reality just nod without knowing the contents of your partner's vent. Listen to him and show him by making eye contact and showing full attention.

Say your feelings hand in hand

Women know that men don't really talk about their feelings. However, the problem is that women really like to hear men speak their hearts out. Especially if the content of the heart that is discussed concerns the woman.

Do whatever he wants

Compromise is important in a relationship. For that, once in a while, if you want to know how to make a woman happy, do whatever she wants. Seriously ask your partner what he or she is asking you to do.

Pay attention to the little things

Sometimes it's not big days, like birthdays, that get women's attention. Women will be more touched if you reminisce about the small (but meaningful) things that you have lived together. For example, offering pride if you like her hairstyle when she styled it differently, will give the impression that you really do pay attention to your partner.

Perform tasks without being asked

Especially for those who are married, it's also a good idea if you occasionally do household chores without being asked by your wife. If your partner is having a tough day or week, do some chores like washing, mopping, and cooking. Do the things you know he hates doing and do it without asking him. Sure, deh, your partner will be happier.
Nora Jola

I Nora Jola : Likes Turning beautiful into bad & Hobbies fishing in murky waters.

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