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How to Help Couples Deal with Migraines

A recurring, severe throbbing headache is a classic sign of a migraine, especially if it is accompanied by the sensation of nausea and vomiting and sensitivity to light or noise. Some people who have migraines are also able to experience visual disturbances such as seeing zigzag images or light spots in their field of vision.

which feels severe and repetitive throbbing is a sign of How to Help a Couple Cope With Migraines

Recurrent migraines can make a person feel weak and helpless because the symptoms can last up to 4 to 72 hours. This condition can affect anyone, but women are reported to be more prone to migraines. If your partner has migraines, you can do the various ways below to help them deal with recurring migraines.

How to help your partner deal with migraines

As a good partner, you must be alert to be on the side of your partner when he or she has migraines. The reason is, migraine attacks are severe enough to make sufferers unable to do a lot of physical activities. Migraines can cause painful sensations such as pins and needles all over the legs and arms, weakness in the body, and even difficulty speaking.

What's more, the recurrence of migraine symptoms can also affect vision and the sense of hearing. When someone who has migraines is exposed to bright, bright light or hears a loud enough sound, the condition can get worse. Then, how should you help him deal with the migraine?

1. Give the medicine

If migraines are not treated immediately, the pain around the eye area and temples will radiate to the central nervous system so it will be very difficult to stop. So, you should immediately offer the medicine when your partner's migraines recur.

Migraine sufferers usually have a special migraine reliever medication that has been prescribed by a doctor. Well, you should know where he keeps the medicine, so you can quickly access the medicine for him when he doesn't feel able to take it.

It's also a good idea to keep a backup of the migraine medication for when you need it later. Make sure you also understand the dosage and the law of taking the drug when you have to give it to your partner.

2. Ask him to rest

When migraines recur, invite your partner to stop their activities and get some rest as soon as possible. Because migraines are sensitive to light and sound, take your partner to rest in a dark, quiet, and cool room.

Fatigue can trigger migraines. So try to get enough sleep for about seven to eight hours every night.

Do not forget to provide enough water to prevent him from experiencing a lack of body fluids which can worsen the symptoms. It's a good idea to plan on thick clothes or blankets to keep his body temperature warm.

3. Understand the condition

When he feels unable to spend time with you because of a relapse, understand that migraine symptoms can be very painful and make him helpless. You can help your partner deal with migraines by giving them some space and time to be alone if they don't want to be bothered for a while.

However, you must also always be ready to lend a hand and support both physically, for example by bringing drinks and medicine or just blanketing, or psychologically such as hugging or accompanying him without saying much, when asked.

4. Invite a consultation to the doctor

If this is the first time you have a migraine, then you need to immediately take him to the doctor for further assistance. If the migraines keep recurring, ask your partner to consult a neurologist to get a perfect diagnosis. That way, he will get the perfect treatment and according to his condition.

Help your partner ward off migraine attacks

If your partner has migraines, it's a good idea to also know the ins and outs of the disease so you can anticipate it when the symptoms come back.

Although the exact cause of migraines is not known, you can help your partner avoid migraine attacks by:

1. Keep migraine triggers away

Everything around you, including the weather, stress, to certain foods and drinks you consume, can trigger migraines.

Therefore, try to find out what things generally cause migraine attacks in your partner. Even so, sometimes it is not easy to detect exactly where the migraine triggers him. The trigger may be a variation of several things, or perhaps one trigger only causes at certain times.

If you already know what the trigger is, then help your partner to avoid it so that the signs of migraine do not recur.

2. Invite your partner to exercise hand in hand

Quoted from Everyday Health, experts agree that organized aerobic exercise can help ward off migraine pain. This is because when you exercise, tension and stress will be released, making you much more relaxed.

For this reason, don't just order your partner to exercise but participate in physical activities with them. In addition to making the body healthier, doing sports hand in hand is also able to glue and enlarge your intimacy with your partner.
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