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The Top 5 Sedans for 2018

The Top 5 Sedans for 2018

A lot of people get excited when new year comes because of the new vehicles it will bring. Some people do have the luxury of being able to buy a brand new car, sometimes even every year. But even those of us who don’t can anticipate the fact that these cars will soon be on our roads. The top 5 sedans for 2018, for instance, are nothing short of amazing in terms of both design and technology.

In 2017, everybody looked at the Mazda 3, the Cadillac ATS and CTS, and the Tesla Model 3. The latter became the “Best Electric Sports Sedan” in many different polls. It came with self-driving technology and an auto-pilot, and it was what everybody wanted. Meanwhile, the Honda Civic Sedan allowed this manufacturer to make a huge comeback and the BMW 3-Series Sedan also created a lot of buzz.

So what can you expect next year? Let’s take a look at the top 5 sedans for 2018 to get an idea.

1. BMW 530e iPerformance Sedan

The BMW 530e is very clearly a 5-Series, but with a little bit extra. It is a hybrid, which is indicated by the iPerformance badge as well. Hence, it is one of BMW’s “green models”, just like the i3 and i8 EVs. The 530e comes with a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine and an eight speed transmission (automatic), running on just one electric motor. The previous green model, which was the 3-Series 330, only came with rear-wheel drive. However, the 530e comes with other options, including an all-wheel drive. The vehicle has 248 hp of power and an impressive 310 foot-lbs of torque. What this means is that this vehicle can go from 0 to 60 in just 6 seconds. You can expect to pay at least $53,700 for this car, which is quite a hefty price tag.

2. Toyota Camry Sedan

For many, the Camry has long been the definition of a sedan. The newest model is going to be amazing. Toyota’s CEO said he wanted more than a slight cosmetic improvement of the 2017 model. He wanted to really overhaul it. The hood has been decreased by 1.6″ and the roof line has been reduced by 1.2″. This means that, on the exterior, it looks quite similar. However, it does appear a lot more athletic and it will feel more sporty to drive as well. Meanwhile, the insides of the vehicle have been changed completely and you will love to spend time in it.

3. Cadillac CTS-V Sedan

Cadillac stands for luxury, comfort, and style. Cadillac has never yet released a vehicle that does not meet these standards, and their reputation is rock solid. Hence, the 2018 CTS-V has a lot to live up to, and it seems that it will be delivering again. The outside has been left pretty much the same as the previous model. However, the headlight has now been fitted with LED lights, and likewise with the backdrop illuminations. This makes the car look more vibrant and lavish. The inside of the vehicle will be what you expect from Cadillac: a modern, sleek look with innovative, high-end details. Additionally, an upgraded instrument board has been added that makes the entire interior and particularly the dashboard look more luxurious. Plus, you get a number of engine choices, including the 425 hp V6, the 337 hp VS, and the 270 hp four chamber engine.

4. Mercedes AMG-E63

Mercedes Benz has always defined what luxury is and what it means. They have vehicles the world over and are synonymous with wealth, so people always look at what they deliver to set the standard. Every year, it seems to set the bar so high that it becomes unattainable and they have done it again this year. Their AMG-E63 will be nothing short of impressive. The new hood is sportier, the radiator grill has been changed, the wheel arches are wider, and it now comes with vertical black struts and silver chrome twin louvers. Additionally, they have made the front bumper wider and they have added a large front spoiler so the engine can be cooled. It comes with beautiful silver chrome inserts for added luxury. The inside is exquisite, with some splashes of color on the dash, the doors, and the console. It has uplifting and bright, cool and modern characteristics. In terms of performance, it comes with a twin turbo 4.0 liter V8 engine. It has 603 hp as well as 627 lb-ft torque.

5. Nissan Maxima

Last but not least, there is the Maxima, which possibly looks like the very definition of what people would consider a sedan. The first Maxima was released in 1981 and it has been getting better and better ever since. Indeed, this model has always been popular, ranking in the top 3 best sedans for many years. Overall, Nissan has made very few changes to the Maxima this year, just as they have made few changes for the past number of years. That is because it is a model that works and that people like. Naturally, Nissan has made a few upgrades to make sure the Maxima continues to be their most up to date and fresh model. Interestingly, they are keeping quiet about just what those changes are. The information that has been leaked so far suggests that there will be some minor tweaks to the bumper, lights, and grille, and the engine’s hp has also been increased to make it more efficient. It will be returning with its modern and sleek look.

The above are the top 5 sedans for 2018. If you are dreaming of getting your hands on a brand new sedan, then 2018 might just be the year in which you finally do it. Most of the big vehicle makers will be releasing updated and upgraded models to the market, so you are guaranteed to be able to find something that is just right for you. These cars are getting more luxurious, more powerful, and above all, greener. This is an important consideration, because sedans are big and heavy vehicles to pull and have long been big pollutants as well.

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