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Tips for Safe Dating Amid the Corona Virus Outbreak

The number of factual cases of the new corona virus or COVID-19 in Indonesia is growing every day. No doubt, when the government finally appeals to all residents to work, study, and worship from home as much as possible to prevent the transmission of the virus.

The number of positive cases of the new corona virus or COVID Tips on Safe Dating Amid the Corona Virus Outbreak

In addition to being strong in daily activities, the corona virus pandemic is also strong in love problems. Yes, the corona virus outbreak could be a danger to the continuity of your relationship with Si He. So, are there safe dating tips in the midst of the corona virus pandemic ?

Tips for Safe Dating Amid the Corona Virus Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has affected all aspects of life, including love. As a result, many people are becoming more careful about going on dates now because they are afraid of contracting the COVID-19 corona virus.

Couples who actually live close together or are in the same city are forced to form a long distance relationship or LDR because of social distancing appeals.

However, there are some safe dating tips that you can do with your partner in the midst of the corona virus outbreak, you know. Here are the complete safe dating tips.

1. Cancel date plans if you feel unwell

If you or your partner feel unwell, it's best to cancel the date deal. Especially if you or your partner experience certain signs, such as high fever, dry cough, shortness of breath, and feeling weak. The reason is, these symptoms can indicate a person is infected with the mild COVID-19 corona virus.

However, there are also cases of the corona virus that do not cause symptoms. With the virus incubation period of up to 2-14 days and the rapid spread of the virus, anyone can be at risk of spreading the virus without realizing it.

If you experience these signs, immediately consult a doctor or the nearest medical facility to get a perfect diagnosis and treatment.

2. Avoid visiting crowded areas

One of the safe dating tips when the corona virus outbreak is running is as much as possible to avoid or cancel your and your partner's plans for dinner at a fancy restaurant, going to a concert, or just taking a walk at the mall.

This step is also known as the parable of social distancing. Social distancing is an effort to minimize the risk of infectious disease acne by not being close to sick people.

Social distancing not only prevents the contact of healthy people with sick people, but also by temporarily canceling activities or events to avoid the center of the crowd.

It's true that social distancing can't stop the spread of 100 percent load, but this simple way requires your role to slow down the spread of the virus.

This is because physical touch, including holding hands, hugging, to kissing with a partner is the easiest way of transmission and spread, especially in this COVID-19 problem.

If implemented to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus, these procedures could slow down viral acne among high-risk populations. In addition, social distancing is also thought to be able to minimize the burden on health workers.

If the number of problems infected with the COVID-19 corona virus continues to increase, it will definitely make it more difficult to treat it at the hospital because patients continue to arrive. As a result, the death rate will continue to follow because the number of medical personnel is not balanced with the number of patients.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not travel outside the house for some time, except for sudden problems.
3. Take advantage of chat apps
The number of positive cases of the new corona virus or COVID Tips on Safe Dating Amid the Corona Virus Outbreak

Even though you can't meet your partner in person, that doesn't mean there isn't a solution. You are still able to minimize fear and anxiety by continuing to build faith with your partner.

The trick is to use a chat application on your cellphone to exchange news, tell stories, and talk about other exciting things.

This step may often be done by you and your partner before the corona virus outbreak spreads, but for an atmosphere like today, it is important to use chat applications as one of the safe dating tips.

The key, it is important to find a chat that makes Si He feel happy and feel at home chatting virtual with you.

4. Send photos or videos to each other

Tired of virtual chatting via chat applications? You can use other features of the application to send photos or videos. These are safe dating tips that are effective in the midst of the corona virus pandemic. The reason is, you can still see Si He's face without having to physically meet.

In fact, through video calls, you can invite Si He to be involved in your daily routine at home. For example, invite your partner to play games or watch movies together virtually.

Selain itu, Anda juga mampu meminta pasangan untuk ‘menemani’ Anda dikala mengolah makanan di dapur dan makan bersama. Dengan ini, Anda pun tidak perlu merasa kesepian dan tetap saling berinteraksi.

5. Lakukan langkah pencegahan

The desire to meet your partner face-to-face is always there. However, consider choosing an area that is not crowded so that you and your partner don't feel cramped and breathe a sigh of relief.

Before deciding to go on a date, you should both agree not to hold hands, hug, or kiss when you meet. As a solution, you and your partner can wave to each other.

If all this time you and your partner have always ordered food or drinks to be eaten together, now you should order culinary and drinks to be able to be tasted individually.

In addition, avoid consuming soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. This is because both types of drinks are able to suppress the immune system, making you more susceptible to exposure to viruses and germs.

However, once again, as an effort to prevent the spread of the corona virus, you should consider the time to date with your partner by doing social distancing for some time.

Healthy Note

Given the COVID-19 case that already exists in the country, we must always be prepared to deal with it by taking precautions. One of them by doing safe dating tips with a partner.

Instead of meeting, you and your partner can step away from or cancel planning a date together to save the risk of spreading disease abscesses. As a solution, together you can take advantage of chat applications and video calling features on your cellphone to still feel closer and romantic.
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